Keep Your House Warm and Your Costs Down This Winter

1. First thing you need to do is start up high, and what I mean is, lets start with the window curtains. Time to take down those thin curtains and buy thick ones to keep the cold out and the heat in. You will be so surprised at how much heat you will be able to keep in your home while keeping out the cold.

2. When people have hardwood floors and no carpeting their floors are freezing! So you can either buy a couple area rugs, or the cheaper option would be to always have socks and slippers for the whole family :) Make it fun with fuzzy socks or outrageous animal slippers! Also runners on the bottom of doors is a great way to keep the cold weather out.  

3. Make sure you have your home on a timer or a programmable thermostat for when your not home. No need to heat up the house if you're not there. Here is a link to the Honeywell line of thermostats.

4. Wearing long sleeve and pant pajamas are a sure fire way to keep warm at night. Turn down the thermostat at night and cuddle up with a nice pair of flannel pjs! 

5. Always having a HVAC company come to perform regular maintenance checks on your furnace. It's always hard to tell a customer its going to be a day or two in the middle of winter when everyone is booked, meanwhile their furnace has broken down and they have no heat :(


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