Services Overview of Heating and Air Conditioning Systems

Furnace Installation

We install furnaces and heat pumps. Our technicians are certified to install, replace, or repair any residential and air-conditioning systems. 

Air Conditioning Installation

We install and repair central air conditioning systems. Our technicians are trained and certified to repair or replace any residential cooling system.

Mini Split Installation

We install mini-splits that are a great option for houses with non-ducted heating systems.

paragon home heating and comfort solutions air quality systems

Install Air Quality Systems

We offer affordable and low maintenance air cleaning systems that can help you breathe easier and healthier all year round.

Get a New Thermostat

Get a new thermostat for your home to keep your heating and cooling costs under control without compromising the comfort of your home.

$40 off coupon on repairs or new equipment installation.

“They found the problem and fixed it right away.”

— Kathleen B, Monroe, WA

If you have any questions or would like to receive a service quote please call (360) 658-9500.