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Heating and Air Conditioning in Everett, WA

Paragon Heating and Home Comfort Solutions is a residential HVAC contractor that provides an extensive list of installation and maintenance services. We install heat pumps, thermostats, and ductless mini splits. Along with repair and maintenance of furnaces, air conditioners, and duct cleaning.

Paragon Heating and Home Comfort Solutions is a local Snohomish County HVAC Contractor. We pride ourselves on high quality workmanship, exceptional service, and trustworthiness.

Services in Everett, WA

paragon home heating and comfort solutions furnace installation

Heat Pump & Furnace Installation

Paragon installs gas and electric furnaces, heat pumps, filters, and controls. Our technicians are trained and certified to work on any home heating system. We also offer annual maintenance plans for heat pumps, furnaces, and other HVAC systems.

paragon home heating and comfort solutions

Air Conditioning Installation

Paragon installs central air conditioning systems and heat pumps. Our AC installation service includes a consultation to identify what will work best for your home, the sale and installation of your chosen AC unit, and a 10-year warranty on select brands.

paragon home heating and comfort solutions mini split air conditioner

Mini Split Installation

A mini split is a great heating option for rooms or houses without air ducts, including homes with baseboard heat or radiant panels. Paragon can help you find and install the best ductless mini split for your space.

paragon home heating and comfort solutions air quality systems

Air Quality System Installation

Want to improve your indoor air quality? Paragon can help. We offer air cleaners that capture up to 99% of airborne particles in your home with almost no maintenance. Getting clean indoor air has never been easier.

paragon home heating and comfort solutions thermostat

New Thermostat

Paragon sells and installs thermostats from trustworthy brands for great temperature control. From seven-day programmable models to digital options, we have the right new thermostat for your home.

paragon home heating and comfort solutions

Furnace Repair

Paragon’s highly trained, certified technicians can repair just about any furnace. We know how to troubleshoot and fix all kinds of furnace problems. Our team also offers a planned annual maintenance program to help you avoid future breakdowns.

paragon home heating and comfort solutions air conditioning repair

Air Conditioning Repair

Paragon repairs and maintains air conditioning systems, including central AC and heat pumps. We’ll test your AC system and do any needed repairs or tune ups. Our technicians are certified, licensed, and experienced with many kinds of air conditioners.

HVAC Troubleshooting paragon home heating and comfort solutions

HVAC Troubleshooting

Are you struggling to get enough heat out of your furnace? Are your utility bills higher than usual? Paragon can help you troubleshoot your furnace, air conditioner, heat pump, or other HVAC system. We can find and fix all kinds of HVAC issues.

paragon home heating and comfort solutions duct cleaing

Duct Cleaning Services

Allergens, mold, and other particles tend to build up in your ducts over time, especially after a remodel or pest infestation. Paragon offers duct cleaning services with specialized tools for the cleanest possible ducts.

Here are some showcases of our work performed in Everett, Washington.

Everett, WA

Furnace maintenance

Annual furnace maintenance performed. Part of routine maintenance is replacing or cleaning the return air filter. Replacing the filter is vital for healthy air quality. Photo is what a new filter looks like vs one that hasn't been replaced in a year.

Everett, WA

Furnace replacement with higher efficient model

Called out to home due to no heat, the furnace had stopped working. Found the inducer motor had failed. Cost to replace inducer was quite a bit and with the age of the furnace being 23 years old, homeowners elected to replace the furnace and upgrade to a higher efficient model. Returned the next day to install a Coleman 95% furnace which included running new PVC exhaust venting for the new style of furnace. Left with some very happy homeowners!

Everett, WA

Outstanding Service!!! - 5 Star Trustpilot Review

When our heater died at 1:30 am on a Monday morning, I was at the mercy of the Home Warranty company for repair/replacement. We got lucky!!! The Home Warranty folks sent out Paragon Heating. If anyone needs heating repairs or replacement done, Paragon Heating is absolutely the company to call! Their friendly and helpful office staff were kind and courteous as well as very knowledgeable. I was so impressed that the same professionalism and courteous service carries down to the service and installation departments as well. My installation was flawless, and clean. Paragon Heating still knows what old fashioned courteous customer service is all about, and that is what impressed me most. I would not call anyone else!!!

Date of experience: March 07, 2014 - Annette G.

Everett, WA

Furnace maintenance and fireplace maintenance

Called to home to perform furnace and fireplace maintenance. Checked and cleaned flame sensor and burners. Cleaned pressure port and hose. Checked all electrical components. Changed filters. Fireplace thermocouple and thermopile cleaned. Glass cleaned. Fireplace and furnace working great!

Everett, WA

Furnace maintenance

Performed furnace maintenance for furnace. Removed and cleaned flame sensor, burners, pressure port and electronic filters. Cleaned furnace cabinet. Heat exchangers and exhaust venting are clear. Checked all electrical components. Furnace working well at this time.

Everett, WA

Reconfiguration of venting

Called out to home to install new exhaust venting in roof after chimney removed. Attached new venting to remaining chimney liner. Installed roof flashing, cap and collar. Sealed collar for water proofing. New venting is now ready for roofers.

Everett, WA

Annual furnace maintenance

Called out to home to perform maintenance on furnace before Fall and Winter. Cleaned flame sensor, burners, pressure port. Exhaust venting and heat exchangers clear. Replace filter. Checked all electrical components.  Cleaned furnace cabinet. Furnace operating great at this time.

Everett, WA

Annual furnace maintenance

Performed service maintenance on a furnace. Checked all electrical components. Cleaned pressure port, drain, flame sensor and burners. Cleaned electronic air filters. Operating great!

Everett, WA

Furnace maintenance

Furnace maintenance performed. Cleaned flame sensor and burners. Cleaned spark ignitor and pressure port and hose. Checked amp draw for inducer, blower motor. Gas pressure good and carbon monoxide level good. Changed filter. Did find transformer making buzzing noise louder than normal. Homeowner will wait and watch transformer.

Everett, WA

Electric furnace and heat pump maintenance

Performed annual furnace maintenance on electric furnace and heat pump. All elements are working and pulling correct amount of power. Checked blower motor and capacitor. Changed filter. Checked all sequencers and relays. Check pressures on heat pump and electrical components. Temperature rise and drop is perfect. Everything is working great at this time!

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