Last updated on March 16th, 2022 at 08:08 pm

The days are getting longer and temperatures are on the rise, and that means one thing: summer is coming.

Spring is the perfect time to invest in AC for your home so you can beat the heat before it arrives. When choosing an AC system, you need to be sure you understand exactly what options are available and how they can best suit your needs to ensure functionality and affordability.

How AC Works

Air conditioning is a critical ingredient in a functioning heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC) system. These systems work together to create a comfortable temperature in your home, while working to improve the overall air quality. You can read more about how HVAC works here.

The AC unit effectively transfers the heat from inside your home to the outside, while circulating cool air to create a stable temperature. The key components that facilitate this process are the evaporator, condenser, and compressor. In a whole-home, HVAC style AC unit, the condenser and compressor are often located outside, and work together to cool the warm air molecules that have been extracted from the air inside your home. The evaporator (located inside the home) helps distribute low-pressure chilled air to circulate through your space, making it more comfortable in warmer temperatures.

Why Your Home Needs AC

Do you need AC while living in the PNW? We certainly think so. In addition to keeping your property cool during the summer, having a home AC unit has a host of other benefits.

First, having air conditioning in your home can significantly improve the air quality. While the cool air is circulated throughout your space, the air is also being filtered. This reduces the allergens and pollutants such as mold and smoke particles from forest fires.

Additionally, having AC in your home can help improve security. When the weather is warm, break-ins happen when doors and windows are left ajar for circulation. With home air conditioning, leaving doors and windows open is not necessary, making your home more secure.

Lastly, keeping your space at a comfortable, regulated temperature can help you maintain a more calm environment. High temperatures can be a stressor for many people, leading to more aggressive behavior and elevated blood pressure. By remaining in a cool environment, you and your family are able to get higher quality sleep and remain in a more calm state.

Understanding the Types of AC Units

The two most common types of AC systems available include central air conditioning and ductless mini-splits. The type of system you get will depend on your unique needs and the specific space you are working with.

Central air conditioning systems are a popular choice for those who have larger spaces they would like to cool. A central AC unit will work in conjunction with your furnace to regulate the temperature of your home. These units are typically attached to your furnace, allowing them to move cool air throughout your home.

A ductless mini-split system is a budget option if you want to control the temperature in a single room or small space and have a non-ducted heating system. This type of system doesn’t provide as many options as a central AC system but can provide some cooling where a central system is not possible.

At Paragon we have an expert team on hand to help you choose, install and repair air conditioning systems, helping you keep your home cool, comfortable, and safe.


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