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When you need your furnace repaired or want to install a heat pump, it can be difficult to decide who to trust with such an important job. You don’t want to pay for the work and then realize you need to call someone again to fix it. It’s essential that you ask questions that will help you select a reliable hvac contractor.

In this blog post, we will look at 10 key questions you should ask any HVAC contractor before hiring them.

1) What Do You Specialize In?

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One of the first questions to ask a potential HVAC contractor is what services they specialize in. Not all HVAC contractors offer the same services, so you need to make sure you are getting the right one for your job.

Do they specialize in heating installation, air conditioning repairs, ventilation, or all of the above? If the contractor is a specialist in the type of service you need, they are more likely to do the job correctly.

2) How Much Experience Do You Have as an HVAC Contractor?

When choosing an HVAC contractor for your home, one of the most important questions to ask is about their experience. Ask how long they’ve been in the industry and whether they have done the specific type of HVAC services you require.

You should also ask for references from past customers. You want to see that this contractor has done work that their previous clients were happy with. If a contractor is not willing to provide references, or the references were not happy with the work, that’s a red flag.

3) Are You a Licensed and Insured HVAC Contractor?

This is a must-ask question. In Washington state, HVAC contractors are required to have specialty electrician licenses. Some cities, including Seattle, have additional HVAC licensing requirements.

Licensed contractors are required to go through rigorous training to qualify for their licenses. Asking for licensing is a good way to ensure that the contractor has the experience and knowledge necessary to provide quality HVAC services. An insurance policy is also necessary in case something goes wrong during the job.

You should never work with an HVAC contractor that doesn’t have proof of licensing and insurance. Ask for evidence of both before signing any agreements or scheduling any services.

4) What Are Your Service Hours?

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Your HVAC contractor’s service hours affect when they can do their work and when you can contact them for updates. You should find out what kind of availability they have for the services you need.

For instance, at Paragon, our services are 8am-6pm Monday through Friday and 8am-1pm on Saturdays.

5) How Soon Can You Help Me?

If you have an urgent service request, ask the contractor you are considering if they offer emergency HVAC services. You should also ask what the process is for scheduling these services.

Availability is important. You don’t want to be unnecessarily left without heat for weeks just because your favorite contractor was too booked.

6) What is Your Policy On Overtime?

Sometimes HVAC projects take longer than expected. A good HVAC contractor will typically have a set policy on overtime that includes fair rates and limits on working hours. By asking about your contractor’s overtime policy and pricing, you can ensure that you receive quality service at a fair price without surprises.

If you need your HVAC system serviced quickly, you should make sure that the contractor is willing and able to provide the necessary services within your time frame.

7) What Are Your Rates for the HVAC Services I Need?

When it comes to choosing an HVAC contractor, you want to make sure you get the best value for your money. That doesn’t always mean choosing the cheapest contractor, but it does mean finding someone who offers fair rates for the quality of their work.

Before committing to a contractor, ask how they calculate their rates. In some cases, there may be hidden costs or fees associated with the service. Check in with them about how they break down the cost of the entire project before signing any contracts.

Knowing all of the potential costs up front can help ensure you are getting the best deal for your HVAC services. Make sure you know exactly what you are paying for so you aren’t surprised by any additional charges.

8) What Forms of Payment Do You Accept?

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You need to know how you will be expected to pay for your HVAC services. While many contractors accept cash, check, or credit cards, some HVAC companies may offer additional payment options.

Ask your potential contractor what forms of payment they accept so you can determine if they have an option that works for you. You should also inquire about any payment terms or financing options they may have. Make sure you’re comfortable with any financial agreement that you and your contractor make before any work begins.

9) Do You Offer Any Discounts On the HVAC Services I Need?

When it comes to choosing an HVAC contractor, the most important factor is the quality of their service. However, price is also a factor for most people. Beyond the basic service rate, you may want to inquire about any discounts your contractor is willing to offer.

Some HVAC contractors will offer occasional discounts for certain services, especially if you need more than one service. So before you commit to a price, make sure to ask if they have any special offers.

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