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Staying on top of maintenancing your heating and air conditioning systems is incredibly important in order for them to work efficiently and effectively for many years.

Ensure your HVAC systems are working properly this spring by learning these quick tips and tricks about at-home maintenance!

Spring Furnace Maintenance Tips

After the long and rainy winter and months of your furnace working overtime, it’s important to give your furnace a little TLC as the warmer seasons grow nearer.

These two tips can help ensure that your furnace works well into the future:

Change the furnace filter

Your furnace’s filter is one of the key ways to make sure that your heating system is working as efficiently as possible. Each spring, replace your old filter with a new one to better help air circulate through your home all year round.

Schedule a tune-up

Most furnaces on the market run smoothly and efficiently for many years as long as you make sure it is properly cleaned and maintained.

Booking an appointment with an HVAC professional can help you assess how your furnace performed throughout winter and make certain that it will continue to perform throughout the warmer months.

Spring Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips

We all rely on our air conditioners in the spring and summertime, so it’s important to make sure that your system is in proper working order before the warm temperatures start heating up our homes.

Use these tips to make sure you have a properly ventilated house this spring:

Clear the condensate drain

Air conditioners have a small drainage hole near the base of their cabinet. If there is any debris or blockage, you won’t feel your system working properly. Use a small paperclip, wire, or pipe cleaner to remove any build up.

Clear the space around your Air Conditioner

After months of rain, snow, and wind, it’s likely that leaves, twigs, and other debris have fallen on or around your unit. Clear anything that blocks your air conditioner and trim back any trees or plants that are growing too close.

Visually inspect your Air Conditioner

Take a look around at your air conditioning unit to make sure that there are no signs that the condenser has been damaged or affected. If you see anything wrong with it, call your HVAC technician, as a broken condenser can cause serious problems in the spring and summer seasons.

Get professional maintenance

Regularly scheduling a professional AC maintenance from an HVAC professional is the best way to ensure that your system will continue to work properly and efficiently.

Once a year, allow a technician to come and assess how your units are working to make sure they work for as long as possible before having to replace them.

More Spring Heating and Air Conditioning Tips

Along with the most important tips listed above, these two tips may help your HVAC system keep your home comfortable as the temperatures start rising once again:

Clean your bathroom fans

Remove your bathroom fan covers and carefully wash them with soap and water to remove any dust or dirt buildup. Then, use a toothbrush or small scrubbing device to clean off the fan blades.

Dry out your dehumidifier

Remove the outer shell of your dehumidifier and allow for the system to completely dry out. Once it does, take a vacuum and suck out any debris or dust that may affect how well your dehumidifier works this spring.

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