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It’s officially fall, and temperatures are dropping. If you haven’t already, it’s almost time to turn on your home heating system for the first time in months. But what if your furnace doesn’t work? Worse, what if it seems fine now but breaks down in the middle of winter?

Before things get chilly, it’s time to call your local home heating contractor. A little maintenance goes a long way toward preventing unpleasant and far more costly heating mishaps.

Here are a few things a home heating contractor can do to help you prepare for fall.

Perform an HVAC Maintenance Checkup

Would you invest in a car and then fail to maintain it? Like cars, HVAC systems need proper care and regular maintenance to function well. Bringing in a home heating contractor to check your heating system every year is just as vital as getting your car’s oil regularly changed. If any parts need to be replaced, you want to catch them while they’re under warranty rather than later when they break down.

It costs a lot to install an HVAC unit, so you want to keep your system running well as long as you can. Proper HVAC maintenance can allow a unit to last for decades.

Proper HVAC maintenance not only keeps the temperature comfortable but also prevents air quality problems. Bacteria, mold, and allergens can easily build up inside an unmaintained HVAC system, which can cause respiratory issues for everyone in your household.

With regular maintenance, you can prevent costly repairs, keep your air clean, and ensure your heating system works when you need it. Call a professional home heating contractor today to inspect your home heating system.

Change Out Your Air Filters

Dirty, dusty air filters will lower the efficiency of your home heating system, resulting in higher energy bills. In addition, you might get a burning smell throughout your home when you turn on your heating system.

The most common reason an HVAC system breaks down is because of a dirty air filter. When dirt builds up inside the filter, air can’t pass through and the system can overheat. Once overheating occurs, you may need to get your system repaired by a home heating professional or even replaced.

Energy Star suggests changing your air filter every month during the winter. At a bare minimum, don’t let three months go by without swapping out your dirty air filter.

Make sure to change out your air filters before the cold sets in this fall.

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