Last updated on July 2nd, 2024 at 03:31 pm

Looking to buy a heat pump? These highly efficient, environmentally friendly systems are a great all-in-one option for heating and cooling your home. Pacific Northwest homeowners who want to save on energy while enjoying the benefits of air conditioning will not regret investing in a quality heat pump, especially if they choose a reliable model.

Whether you are seeking a ducted air source model or a ductless mini-split heat pump, there are a number of great options on the market this year. Check out our recommendations for an effective, reliable temperature control system.

Coleman Echelon™ Series Split System Heat Pumps

Heat pumps from Coleman’s Echelon™ series are an excellent choice for homeowners who wish to save as much as possible on energy costs. With 15-25% higher energy efficiency than standard models, these models qualify for ENERGY STAR® certification.

There are two currently available models in this series: the HC20 and the HC19. The HC20 was awarded the 2020 Most Efficient award from ENERGY STAR® and has a variable-capacity compressor, while the HC19 has a two-stage compressor.

Echelon™ split system heat pumps also come with Coleman’s WhisperDrive™ Comfort System, which allows them to operate with barely any noise. Both models have a Lifetime Compressor Limited Warranty, a 10-year Parts Limited Warranty, and a Paragon purchased 10-year labor warranty.

Coleman LX Series Split System Heat Pumps

The LX Series includes several tried-and-true models that offer reliable, all-season performance. If your main concern is finding a trusty heat pump that meets your needs, this is the series for you.

There are several models available:

  • The CH6 is ENERGY STAR® certified and includes a single-stage compressor with a tube-in-fin coil.

  • The CH16 includes inverter-driven modulating technology.

  • The TH4 comes in both single- and three-phase options.

Like other Coleman heat pumps, the LX series includes a 10-year Parts Limited Warranty and a Paragon purchased 10-year labor warranty. However, the Compressor Limited Warranty also lasts only 10 years rather than for the lifetime of the unit as with the Echelon™ series.

Daikin Single Zone (Ductless) Heat Pumps

Daikin’s single zone heat pumps are ideal for heating and cooling small spaces, such as single rooms. They can supplement your current system in areas where there are no ducts. Daikin provides a solid zoning solution so you can have control over your comfort in each area with one of their units.

There are several ductless heat pump models available from Daikin, including the following:

  • The highly intelligent EMURA Single-Zone Wall Mount Heat Pump can heat or cool 250-1200 square feet of space and allows for remote control via the Daikin Comfort App.

  • The cost-saving 17 Series Wall Mount Heat Pump can heat or cool 250-1600 square feet of space.

  • The robust, ENERGY STAR® certified 19 Series Wall Mount Heat Pump is designed to cover 250-1600 square feet of space in primary living areas, rooms with poor air flow, home additions, and more.

  • The AURORA Floor Mount Heat Pump is an excellent option for replacing a traditional radiant heat system or window air conditioning unit, covering 250-1600 square feet of space with enough efficiency to achieve ENERGY STAR® qualification.

  • The LV Series Wall Mount heat pump received the ENERGY STAR® Most Efficient Mark in 2017 and remains a very efficient unit even by 2023 standards, with the ability to heat or cool 250-1600 square feet of space.

  • The highly efficient and ENERGY STAR® certified Quaternity system provides advanced filtration and climate control within 250-1200 square feet of space.

Buy Your Heat Pump from Paragon

Paragon is a qualified dealer for a wide range of heat pump models from Coleman, Daikin, and Lennox. Reach out to us today for assistance with choosing or installing a heat pump for your home.