Last updated on June 6th, 2022 at 09:28 pm

No one likes dealing with air conditioner malfunctions. If you feel like your AC has been behaving oddly or breaking down a lot lately, you may be wondering whether you should just bite the bullet and replace your unit. Thankfully, there are a few guidelines to help homeowners determine when it’s better to repair or replace a faulty AC.

Air Conditioner Life Expectancy

Ideally, you shouldn’t need to replace your air conditioner more than once every ten years or so. Some air conditioners last 15 years or more, although eventually, you may find that it’s more cost-effective to replace your old AC with a newer, more efficient model.

Unfortunately, air conditioners sometimes wear out sooner than expected. In many cases, improper installation or a lack of proper HVAC maintenance contribute to excessive wear and tear on your AC.

Can My Air Conditioner Be Repaired?

Most air conditioner problems can be repaired. However, some repairs can be expensive enough that you are better off replacing the AC instead, especially if your AC is older.

Talk to an HVAC contractor about the life expectancy of your air conditioner and when it makes sense to replace it.

At What Point Should I Replace My Air Conditioner?

It may be time to replace your AC if you are seeing frequent breakdowns, high energy bills, or fluctuating humidity. Frequent air conditioning problems are usually a sign that your unit is on its last leg.

Many ACs lose efficiency as they age, meaning they use more power to provide the same cooling benefits. In addition, older ACs may have been made to lower energy efficiency standards than high-efficiency models today. If it seems like your monthly utility bills are higher than they should be, an older AC could be the source of the problem.

Excessive moisture in your home may also be a sign that your air conditioner should be replaced. While the primary function of your air conditioner is to cool your house, it should also be able to effectively dehumidify the air. A muggy indoor atmosphere and mold growth with no visible water leaks could be symptoms of an AC issue.

You should also consider getting a new air conditioner if you have made significant additions to your home. Your home’s size and layout affect how much air conditioning you need, and your current unit may not be powerful enough for your new space.

Next Steps For Air Conditioner Repair Or Replacement

If you are having trouble with your air conditioner, it’s best to call a contractor you trust to recommend next steps. An experienced HVAC professional can help you diagnose any problems you may be experiencing with your air conditioner.

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