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If you’re like most homeowners, you do your best to guard against emergencies. But you may have forgotten something important: maintaining your furnace.

Furnace cleaning should be part of your regular maintenance routine. A poorly maintained furnace could lead to health hazards, such as a carbon monoxide leaks, or viruses circulating through your air system.

Even if you’re in good health, you don’t want to deal with a furnace breakdown in the middle of winter or the higher energy bills that come with an unclean furnace. You’ll need to get your furnace cleaned and inspected by a qualified home heating contractor at least once a year.

The Most Important Time to Get Your Furnace Cleaned

An annual inspection before winter begins ensures your furnace will work when you need it. With annual maintenance, you’ll experience considerably fewer breakdowns and save money on your energy bills.

Paragon offers a planned maintenance program that includes all of the annual maintenance you need to keep your furnace working at peak efficiency. At Paragon, some of our customers find that their energy savings are enough to pay the cost of annual maintenance, even without taking into account the savings from fewer breakdowns.

Other Times When You Should Hire a Home Heating Contractor

After a Move

You can’t always assume that the previous tenants treated their furnace well. Even if you had an inspection done, the inspector probably didn’t pay much attention to the HVAC equipment.

It’s best to have your furnace cleaned every time you move. You don’t want to deal with the health hazards and energy waste that come with a furnace full of debris.



If Your Air Filters are Damp

Moisture inside your heating system is bad news. If you recently replaced the air filters around your house and noticed some of them felt damp, you most likely need to get your furnace cleaned.

Water on the filters or in other parts of your ducts can lead to mold growth, which could cause even more health problems.

If the Airflow Feels Uneven

If some parts of your home never seem to maintain heat as well, get your furnace checked to see if it’s contributing to the problem. Uneven heat flow is sometimes caused by insulation, but it’s usually a furnace problem.

A simple furnace cleaning can often solve heating and airflow issues. Try getting your furnace cleaned before you do anything more drastic to warm up your living room.

Benefits of Annual Furnace Maintenance

When dust and dirt build up inside your furnace, it can’t work as efficiently. You’ll use more energy to keep your home at the same temperature.

During an annual inspection, a technician will clean the debris off each part of your furnace and make sure everything works together. After the cleaning, your furnace will be at its most efficient.

Avoid Health Problems

An unclean furnace may cause health problems. Viruses, germs, and harmful debris will stay in your heating system and continue to be distributed around your home. You may catch more colds and other viruses.

People with asthma, allergies, or other breathing challenges will be even more affected by an unclean furnace. They may experience more asthma attacks and similar problems from excess dust, dirt, and dander circulating around their home.

Lengthen the Life of Your Furnace

Maintenance is a preventative measure that keeps your furnace from breaking down when you need it most. With fewer expensive breakdowns, your furnace is more likely to work reliably for years to come.

Prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

If the heat exchanger in your furnace cracks, carbon monoxide and other gases can escape into your home. This colorless, odorless gas can replace the oxygen in your blood and lead to serious tissue damage or death.

To keep your family safe, get your furnace regularly inspected. You may also want to install a carbon monoxide detector outside each bedroom to alert family members to leaks before it’s too late.

Replace Worn-Out Parts Before They Become Problems

Like other machinery, furnace parts wear out over time. Having a qualified furnace cleaning technician check your furnace can help you replace worn-out parts before they cause your furnace to stop working.

Avoid Trapped Gas and Hot Spots

A furnace inspection includes checking for rust, dirt, and other debris that sometimes builds up on the burners.

Buildup on furnace burners can create pockets that trap gas, causing hot spots on your furnace’s heat exchanger.

Keep Your Warranty Valid

Many furnace manufacturers require you to keep your furnace regularly cleaned to maintain a valid warranty. That’s because furnaces are more likely to break down without regular maintenance.

If possible, you want any unexpected furnace repairs or replacements to be covered by a warranty. You don’t want to be in the position of finding out your warranty is invalid if something goes wrong.

Furnace Cleaning and Repairs in Snohomish and East King County

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