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AC repairs are generally not the time to go DIY. It’s easier than you might think to mess up your electrical and gas lines or create a safety hazard. Having a well-trained, experienced air conditioning contractor do the job can make all the difference — and keep everyone in your household safe.

Here are a few ways you can find a good AC contractor for your repair job.

Ask Neighbors and Friends

Everyone with an air conditioning system will likely need repair work at some point, even if it’s only because their system has aged. You likely know a few people who have hired an AC contractor at some point.

Ask people in your neighborhood who they’ve hired for AC work and whether the contractor did a good job. Word-of-mouth is often a great way to find knowledgeable, experienced AC contractors.

You can also look for air conditioning contractors online. A quick Google search can give you plenty of local contractors to consider. From there, you can narrow down your options by looking for information on contractors’ websites or online reviews.

Check Licenses, Certifications, and Insurance

Certification and insurance are good indicators that an air conditioning contractor is trustworthy. Certifications show that a contractor is serious about meeting training and education standards, while insurance helps protect you from financial risks if there are accidents on the job.

Some states also require HVAC contractors to have a license. In Washington State, there is no air conditioning or HVAC-specific license, but contractors are required to have an electrical contractor license.


Check References

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Before you hire a contractor for any home repair job, it’s a good idea to ask for references. An experienced contractor who knows what they’re doing should be able to refer you to past customers who were satisfied with their work.

It doesn’t hurt to take a few minutes and call a few of the references they give. Ask if the contractor did their work well, on time, and stayed within the agreed budget.

Get a Written Quote

A written quote gives both you and the contractor a better sense of security. It ensures that everyone is clear on what work the contractor should do and what you will pay them. If there’s a dispute later on, a written quote can serve as evidence.

Your air conditioning contractor may need to visit and look at your system before they can give you a written quote. This is a good thing since it means you’re likely to end up with a better estimate of the work you need done.

AC Contractors in Snohomish and East King County

Paragon Heating and Home Comfort Solutions has been helping homeowners in Snohomish and East King County for many years. We specialize in heating and air conditioning repairs and installation. Our team prides itself on high-quality work, exceptional service, and trustworthiness.

Our AC technicians are highly experienced, trained, certified, and licensed. You can view our electrical contractor licensing status on the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries website. Get in touch with us today if you have questions or would like a quote.