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Western Washington has had quite the summer this year, with temperatures repeatedly in the 90s. Unfortunately, many homes that are built here were made without ducted cooling systems. Getting a brand new mini-split installation for your home may seem daunting, but it may be a great option for anyone concerned about the heat or wildfire smoke.

There are tons of options to consider when investing in a cooling system. If you are living in a Western Washington home that does not have air ducts in the area you want to keep cool, installing mini splits may be a great option for you. Flexible installation, efficient cooling features for individual comfort, and excellent overall temperature control make mini splits an excellent choice for many homeowners.

5 Reasons to Get a Mini Split in the Pacific Northwest

Warmer summer seasons have caused many people to consider investing in brand new cooling systems for their homes. Mini splits, which are a type of small, flexible, ductless cooling system, work by displacing heat out of one area and dumping it elsewhere, much like a refrigerator.

Mini splits often have an indoor air-handling system, as well as an outdoor condenser. The indoor portion of these units are usually hung from the ceiling or on a wall, making them non invasive in any size room or home.

1. Mini splits are efficient.

Most mini splits use cutting-edge technology to help reduce greenhouse gases that are extremely common in old school cooling systems. While ducted HVAC systems can lose 30% of their energy or more, ductless mini splits avoid energy loss by simply pulling heat from the indoors to the outdoors. For this reason, mini splits can work with over 100% efficiency.

Ductless mini splits cool and condition single rooms using individual thermostats. These localized thermostats allow you to cool only the rooms you are using most rather than the entire house, which further reduces energy waste.

2. You can install a ductless mini split anywhere.

Another reason why people continually choose to install mini split cooling systems is because the installation is extremely simple. These systems can be installed in any room, no matter how big or small the space because they are usually hung from the ceiling or on a wall, making them non invasive in any size room or home. Mini splits are normally small, compact and stylish and won’t clutter your home with unwanted and clunky air units.

It is possible for the technician to position the outdoor unit as far as 50 feet away from the indoor unit. This means if you want to install a mini split in a front room of your house, you can cool these rooms while hiding the outdoor unit out of view and away from the street.

3. Mini splits can improve your air quality.

Surprisingly, many homes or apartment buildings actually have worse air quality indoors due to their cooling systems. As air travels through the ducts of traditional air conditioning systems, the air tends to diminish in quality as it reaches each room.

Each mini split that you install in your home has its own high-performance air filter. These filters make sure to eliminate pollen, dirt, dust, or any other pollutants that may be present in the air, which will ultimately leave the air in your house healthy and clean.

4. Mini splits provide good temperature control.

Most traditional air conditioning systems, such as central air, cool entire homes. This makes it impossible to adjust each room’s temperature to individual likings. With mini split systems, each unit has its own thermostat and remote control, allowing users to decide how warm or cool they want each room to be.

5. Mini splits are environmentally friendly.

Most modern mini splits use much more environmentally friendly refrigerants than other air conditioning options. The most common of these is R410A which has been proven to cause absolutely 0 ozone depletion, making it one of the most eco-friendly options on the market.

Add in the fact that mini splits are energy-efficient, and it’s clear that they’re one of the best cooling options for any environmentally concerned homeowner.

FAQs About a Mini Split Installation

Below are some quick facts about mini splits and how they might fit into your home and lifestyle:

Is a mini split system worth it?

Mini splits are widely known to be the most effective way to cool a home. With easy installation, decently low costs, and units that are able to fit in any size room, these air conditioning units are highly recommended and loved by many.

How many rooms does a mini split cool?

A mini split can heat or cool up to 5 rooms if you add more evaporator units to your condenser unit.

How much square footage does a mini split cover?

The amount of square footage a mini split covers depends on its energy capacity, which is typically measured in British thermal units (BTUs). The bigger the space, the more energy capacity your mini split needs.

Are mini splits good for heating?

Mini splits are as ideal for heating as they are for cooling. To heat a room, mini splits use the same type of process as when it is cooling a space; by transferring air instead of converting it.

Can I install a mini split myself?

You’ll want to hire a professional technician to install your mini split. The amount of time that it takes for a professional to install a mini split is extremely fast compared to most other systems, but that doesn’t mean you should do it yourself. You will need a professional’s help to identify the best place to create a hole in the wall to connect the indoor and outdoor units and correctly install the mini split.

How much does it cost to install a mini split?

In most cases, the installation of a mini split air conditioner costs between $3,500 and $10,000. The cost of each mini split depends largely on size and weight, which can vary from unit to unit.

Is a Mini Split Right for Your Western Washington Home?

Are you in Western Washington and interested in installing a mini split into your home? Paragon Heating and Home Comfort Solutions is a home heating and cooling contractor serving homeowners in Snohomish and East King County for years. Our experienced technicians specialize in heating and air conditioning repairs and installations, including the installation of mini splits and other kinds of heating and cooling pumps.

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